How sustainable construction and renovation attracts tourists


The valley “Grosses Walsertal” in the Vorarlberg region of Austria is a very special one regarding its use of energy and resources and its innovative architecture.

First of all the valley is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve with the aim to explore the relationship between man and nature, while taking up social, economic and cultural aspects as well as environmental concerns. With approximately 3.400 inhabitants, spread on six municipalities the valley is rarely populated (18 inhabitants per km2).

Thus the region ensures a high quality of life besides a breath-taking landscape. To preserve the region for following generations a secure provision with energy plays a major role in the leading concept of the region. Due to its richness in natural resources (mainly water, wind and sun) the use of local and green energy is obvious. The goal of the valley is to produce all of its energy demand with renewable local resources. Sounds like a fairy tale! But in fact they’ll reach this goal till 2030.

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Albert Rinderer one of the main responsible persons says “Our goal till 2020 is to have not a single oil-fired-boiler in the region of Grosses Walsertal”

Closely related to the goals of energy efficiency are the architectural lighthouses of this region. The community building of Thüringerberg, the community centre St. Gerold or the community building Raggal are just a few examples. Together with tourism experts the region now developed an excursion guide, for tourists, architects engineers or in other words for everyone who is interested in!

The guide is available in German: but foreign speaking tours can also be booked on demand.

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