LED-light or fluorescent lamps in classrooms?

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One of our MountEE pilots is right now discussing implementation of lightsource. Some of our experts and leading manufacturers say that by today long-life fluorescent light is more economic in classrooms than LED-light. And I just wonder if you have the same opinion.

Long-life fluorescent lamps have a warranty of 48,000 hours  compared to LED luminaires that have a similar life span (usually given to 50,000 hours) but with higher replacement costs, higher initial costs and very good optics and glare the fluorescent lamps outcompete LED.

Fagerhults, one of Swedens leading companies in terms of lighting, have developed a model for classrooms with only LED uplighting  but say that they cannot see any better solution for classroom than fluorescent lamps considering the higher costs för LED-lamps. The only occasion the LED-lamps can be a better choice is in hallways or other areas where spot lights can be used.

We do have examples of LED-lights in schools giving a very pleasant light quality , however we do not have LCC-calculations on these implementations. Asking lightening manufacturers for advice is not the proper way if we want to have innovations,that is why I wonder if you can help me with your experience:

What are your exeriences with LED-lights in schools? Do you know more about the light quality of LED-lights? Some say fluorescent lamps have a really bad spectrum of light for reading och LED is outstanding. Others say LED is emitting harmful radiation due to transformation of electricity.


Thanks for your response!

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