General certification systems needed for an effective construction


The Building Dialogue Dalarna, Sweden, gathering all members in the building chain of the region, is working on the introduction of a general certification system for sustainable buildings in order to raise quality and effectiveness in the building process.

At present the construction industry in the region of Dalarna works without or with different certification and / or policy documents. In many cases building owners rely on consultants when ordering constructions. Consultants on the other hand use their own systems, usually different from the ones used by the construction company. This results in higher costs and poorer energy and health performance than necessary. A common system that can be followed throughout the building process would have a big impact on quality and costs.

Some certification systems and regulatory documents that could be of interest for the building industry in Dalarna are: Miljöbyggnad, Breeam and Leed. The Swedish system “Miljöbyggnad” is  considered  most appropiate by the group because of well-selected criteria and areas of work. However some criteria might be difficult to reach and have to be adapted in order to establish a system useful for the whole building chain in Dalarna. A working group is established dealing with this issue.

Green Building is a Swedish environmental classification system developed by the building and property owners in partnership with government agencies, banks, insurance companies, colleges and universities and managed since January 1, 2011 by Sweden Green Building Council, SGBC. Green Building can be used to classify new buildings, renovations and additions as well as existing buildings.

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