Keeping down the energy use in existing buildings


We are quite fond of talking about how good and energy-efficient new buildings we can accomplish, and that’s good.

But, if we really want to reduce our overall energy use and make careful use of the resources we have, then we must turn our eyes towards the existing building  stock.

Refurbishment and continuous maintenance of existing buildings is of great  importance, and this needs to be highlighted!Fasader 50

In existing buildings in Sweden, one can typically save 20 -30 % of energy through quite simple measures, that do not require large investments, and rather should be considered maintenance than renovation. But we have to get ourselves together and do it!

In the maintenance-plans for properties, that many property owners already do have, a review of the energy-use ought to be a constant post.

In Sweden we have a very large number of apartments built in the ’60s that are in need of renovation. Therefore it is important to raise the question how and what we can do to achieve a reduction of their energy-use by half!

So what should we do to bring the aspect of energy-saving into the management of our existing buildings?

  • Spread the information on how much energy and money you can actually save?
  • Offer support and assistance for property owners who wants to get a grip of their buildings?
  • Require property owners to declare an energy plan for renovation?
  • Provide beneficial loans / subsidies for energy-saving measures?

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