Solar panels and landscape integration


MaisonThe use of renewable energy is becoming a necessity. The issue of their deployment in the territories gather sometimes a lot of concern.

The installation of solar panels tends to generalize. However, this should not be at the expense of architectural and landscape quality of life in the territories moreover in regional parks.

The Regional Natural Park of Chartreuse developed in April 2013, a booklet entitled “The integration of solar equipment in the landscape.” This document is designed to help citizens and politicians. Although there is no magic formula in this field, this guide to ask the right questions to identify the right people and to give some guide lines.


VolluetThrough this, it is possible to enhance the use of renewable energy , set a few simple rules to properly install solar equipment. To reach this goal, it’s necessary integrate those equipments, as well as other architectural component, in the overall design of the project This approach corresponds to the spirit of the “Grenelle 2” law (French national law dealing with environment) , and also to the actual thermal regulations (RT 2012).
Their integration goes through a few simple rules to find a good compromise between performance and architectural quality : integration of panels in the slope of the roof , the preferred flush mounting , respect the symmetry and rhythm of openings , favor a rectangular assembling the modules, match colors of the cover material…

The color of the metal structure of the panels is crucial for their integration. A natural aluminum color will have a significant visual impact by drawing “checkerboard” panels modules. A dark color (in the tone of panels) will instead promote integration through a more uniform perception and therefore discreet on existing roofs.maisons


Sebastien Eyraud (ASDER)

Author: Sebastien Eyraud (ASDER)

I work on sustainable Energy Action Plans to help territories reaching the goal of GES reduction till 2020.

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