MountEE pilots – first results


In Dalarna, Sweden, the MountEE project assists small municipalities with quality controll management, introducing the so called Sveby-modell and advocating the use of LCC-calculations.

The new school in Aspeboda is a good example on how a competent development team can take control of the building process to achieve stated objectives. In fact recent energy balance calculations indicate that the projected energy targets of 40 kWh/m2 will be undercut by 10%!
The success factors can be found in the methods and tools used by the municipality for quality control of the construction process. For example are new energy balance calculation done as soon as changes are made that affect the energy use of the building. Another example is the estimation of lifecycle cost calculations that are done throughout the project period and not just in the beginning.  Aspeboda skolaWithin the project we try to identify these success factors and disseminate the findings to other municipalities.


Same but different

Another new school has just opened in a neighbouring municipality. Same insulation, same air tightness and similar size but different construction type, higher building costs and lower energy achievements than Aspeboda school. MountEE is investigating these differences and will come back to you with results later in the project. It will also be interesting to see if the diffenrences are maintained in reality. Validation of energy performance will be done in all pilots.

Säter school

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