Climate-Energy 2030, the EU Parliament approves more ambitious goals


STRASBURGO-PARLAMENTO-EUROPEOA few weeks after the presentation by the European Commission, the European Parliament, with 341 votes in favor and 263 against, approved the new framework on climate and energy in 2030.

The European Parliament have asked for threee binding EU targets more ambitious for 2030 : a 40% cut in greenhouse gases (compared to 1990 levels ) , at least 30% of energy consumption from renewable sources Total Europe (27 percentage requested by the Commission ) , and a 40% increase in energy efficiency.

According to the MPs , in particular, the three saves climate commitments should be mandatory , and implemented on the basis of individual national targets , taking into account the situation and the potential of each Member State.

Angela Sanchini (ARES)

Author: Angela Sanchini (ARES)

I am an architect and i'm actually the Technical Director of ARES Regional Agency for Sustainable Building of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region (Italy). I am dealing with energy efficiency and sustainability in buildings, and in particular of energy performance certificates and energy-environmental assessment of buildings.

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