The first eigth-storey timber and straw apartment block

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The first eigth-storey timber and straw apartment block

The social landlord Toit Vosgien opened lately an eigth-storey social housing with wood frame and straw-bale insulation. This technique was used for three to four-storey building so far. The building is made of 700 “wood boxes” filed with 1700 bales of straw. This block of twenty six apartments is a low energy building which fits the passivhaus standards. Apart from a heat pump and solar thermal collectors, the building aims to collect and reuse as many calories as possible from air extraction and water discharges, which helps keep down tenant charges to a very low level

This project is describe as the Europe’s first ever eigth-floor timber and straw apartment block. paille

François Pocquet (AGEDEN)

Author: François Pocquet (AGEDEN)

I specially work on sustainable energy, and I’m responsible for promoting energy efficient programs for private owned flats.

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