Reducing the environmental impact of buildings , act with users” written by Stephanie Bauregard


Under MountEE, we had a presentation of the guide “Reducing the environmental impact of buildings , act with users” written by Stephanie Bauregard (CEREMA: Ministry Of Territorial Equality And Housing and Ministry Of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy). This book seemed very interesting so we have purchased it to use educational tools and to try to apply them to help and inform users of different drivers buildings of MountEE.
In summary, the book discusses the following points:
Energy and environmental transition can’t rely solely on technical improvements and technological advances : the cost of excellence is not always affordable in the short term and the performance is not always attained when the building is used. In the building sector, how to use daily buildings and equipment is crucial. The occupant’s behavior is designated as a major main savings in consumption of energy and natural resources, waste generation and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.Clipboard01
This book discusses the use of office buildings, and how it influences the environmental performance of buildings . For property managers and owners, it offers practical solutions and tools to develop methods and to improve the environmental performance of their fleet operation phase action plans. It is based on feedback from experience in France and Europe , as well as an extensive literature search .This book presents a methodology for project to build a comprehensive approach is the behavior of the occupant while placing the center of the device. It gives the keys to understanding the main obstacles that may be encountered , but also facilitating factors can be used to better anticipate the reactions of occupants in respect of actions relating to their practices and their uses.

François Pocquet (AGEDEN)

Author: François Pocquet (AGEDEN)

I specially work on sustainable energy, and I’m responsible for promoting energy efficient programs for private owned flats.

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