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Transfert of experience and training on sustainable construction are a tasks of the MountEE project.  CIPRA International organized from 7th to 9th November 2013 a study trip in Vorarlberg (A) and Liechtenstein on “sustainable building and refurbishment”. Intelligent construction, renovation, energy efficiency, environmental impact of materials, social, cultural and economical aspects, collaboration, support to the municipalities with the service package “sustainable building”: many topics have been discussed and seen by visiting buildings and during discussion.

35 participants from 5 different countries (Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Italy, Switzerland) had the opportunity to interact with architects, craftsmen, engineers, owners and local decision-makers during this 3 days.

131109StudyTrip klein (29)Visit of the Refugee center of Liechtenstein (Vaduz) with architect, carpenter and center director: One of the first projects in wood in Liechtenstein (15 years ago). Low cost project in wood but with a high quality. How Architecture can influence quality of life of the refugees.

131109StudyTrip klein (31)


Visit of a renovated school in Vaduz: How to keep architectural elements of interest in a thermic renovation project. How to adapt new norms and keep old architectural elements.


131109StudyTrip klein (119)

Municipal center in Raggal: a multi-use building (tourism info, music local, child-care, possibilities of events) made of local wood and supporting craftsmen of the region.





131109StudyTrip klein (7)131109StudyTrip klein (11)Visit of the Atelier Lehm-Ton-Erde in Schlins: How to use the sustainable building material “earth”: lots of architectural and static possibilities. Combination of ancient materials and techniques with modern use.





131109StudyTrip klein (243)Visit of the municipal center of St Gerold with the Mayor: How the municipality can influence the habits of creaftsmen with a high requirement for of the material quality and ecology.  How the municipality has been accompanied by experts of Energy Institut, Umweltverband and Spektrum in the framework of the service package “sustainable:building”.



131109StudyTrip klein (22)Presentation of the service package “sustainable:building”, the new Module 5 “maintenance and operation” and the long experience of cooperation in Vorarlberg by Dietmar Lenz from Umweltverband.


131109StudyTrip  (klein 23)

Last visit: Municipal center (MountEE pilot building) and Firemen station in Lorüns: renewable energy, high quality of the material used, no solvents and toxic products, simple project but efficient, strong engagement of the municipality.


Beside technical knowledge experience, the participants have been very interested to see how sustainability can be integrated as a whole in the area of construction. They identified 3 priorities in their regions:
– Sensibilisation of owners (like municipalities) for sustainable building
– Structuration of a local offer of ecological materials and of craftsmen working with high quality (problem of competitiveness)
– Accompaniment of owners in their projects (need of administrative and technical support)

This challenges are a focus in MountEE Project and we hope we will be able to continue to transfer our experience to other mountain regions. We wish all participants a good luck and a lots of energy towards sustainable buildings back in their countries.

Program; Documentation: FR, DE, SL

PPT Sustainable buildings in the Alps (Carole Piton, CIPRA)
PPT Sustainable material (Rosemarie Gantner, Lenum)
PPT Service package Vorarlberg (Dietmar Lenz, Umweltverband)








Blog of a Matej Gašperič, an enthousiastic participant.

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