CESBA Sprint workshop, 21st-23rd of October 2013

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Enjoy inspired working on sustainable buildings and neighbourhoods in a scenic mountainous location towards a harmonized assessment in CESBA-logoEurope.You will work in small expert groups to develop concrete outcomes for the Common European Sustainable Building Assessment (CESBA) in only three days.

CESBA , a joint initiative for the new building culture in Europe!
The building sector is a cornerstone of the Europe2020 strategy, the EU climate protection program and the initiative “Resource efficient Europe”. Furthermore buildings play a central role in our societies, providing places to live, work or enjoy leisure activities.

Todays building culture focuses mainly on the sum of certain quality indicators. The new process philosophy of CESBA includes certification, training and assisting services along the whole building life-cycle. This new building culture integrates not only experts but all stakeholders, from the users and craftsmen to the politicians, from the big companies to the single-family homeowners. It is directed towards nearly zero emission buildings (NZEB) in Europe.Basic CMYK

CESBA is bottom-up and open-source
In Europe more than 80 certification systems exist. To make these tools comparable a harmonization in the field of building certification is an essential advantage. CESBA is a bottom-up approach for generating a joint massoriented, open-source building sustainability assessment guideline as well as the establishment of building standards for construction. The development and implementation of new and common standards require synergic actions and initiatives. The system of analysis describing the sustainability of buildings must be comprehensive to the layman. Since Europe is a mélange of regional building cultures joint building standards must take regional needs and circumstances into consideration.

CESBA offers YOU this vital platform.

More information in www.cesba.eu

Etienne Vienot (RAEE)

Author: Etienne Vienot (RAEE)

I am project manager in charge of european projects at the regional energy agency of Rhône-Alpes.

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