Energy Web Dalarna: Benchmarking tool for municipalities


The County Board of Dalarna has created a data system for Dalarna’s municipalities making it possible to compare energy use, both within the own municipality and with other municipalities. In addition to energy, the cost for different energy sources and each enterprise is reported, along with carbon dioxide emissions.

In the system the municipalities’ own energy use is compiled and the energy efficiency is illustrated . This gives the municipalities the possibility to follow-up that the public administration and municipal companies work toward decided energy targets.

We are happy that 14 of Dalarna’s 15 municipalities have joined the mutual energy control system and contribute to its financing. Now the challenge is to continually increase the quality of the reported data and to make officials in the municipalities use the tool for follow-up controls. There is an interest from the national Swedish Energy Agency and Swedish Regional Development Councils   to further develop the Energy Web and use it on national level.

Take a look on a demoversion: Login: Demo, Password: Demo#99



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