Small municipality – big challenges: Make an award-winning wood building more energy-efficient


The small mountain municipality of Jokkmokk in Northern Sweden is facing big challenges, as the population is declining than decades and thereby making it more and more difficult to keep up good municipal service. One part of a solution is to stop wasting energy and thereby saving money. This year, the municipality started with a comprehensive Energy Performance Contracting programme , which will lead to considerable gains in both energy and money. But not all buildings are actually part of the actual EPC. This is, where MountEE is coming in: the MountEE project will support the municipality in its efforts to reduce energy consumption of one outstanding building.


Vuollerim6000 is a local museum, and consists of two buildings. The main museum is built in 1989/1990 and is a freestanding building with one level, but with great ceiling height. The building itself was awarded the Swedish Wood Architecture Prize in 1992 for its outstanding use of wood. Due to historically low energy and specifically electricity prizes in Sweden, energy efficiency was not an issue when Voulllerim6000 museum has been built. An inefficient electric heating system, in which radiators are situated right below the roof, has been installed. Even hot water is produced by electricity. The steering system for the electric systems is not working well.

Vuollerim 6000 180A

The renovation shall lead to at least 30 percent less heating demand and a high share of renewable energy. But beyond this, LCC method will be tested, and a quality and environmental programme will be developed together with the staff.

By this, Jokkmokk municipality and MountEE hope for strengthening the museums environmental performance, but also reducing costs. If they succeed, this pilot project will be a model for many other tourism facilities in Norrbotten.

Wolfgang Mehl (Nenet)

Author: Wolfgang Mehl (Nenet)

I work as project manager for e environmental and energy-related programs for Nenet and the north Swedish municipality Jokkmokk.

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