Sustainable Building – A Question of information


Broad knowledge of the options, strategies, approaches and practical implementation is essential for successful implementation of sustainable construction.
In 2000, the Umweltverband Vorarlberg published the Ökoleitfaden:Bau (eco-guide: construction), which was used in all municipalities in Vorarlberg. The booklet providet ecological planning strategies, material recommendations and proven Tender specifications.
To enable an even broader and easier access, the content has been published on the Internet platform

Baubook – knowledge base for sustainable building

This open Source plattform provides:

  • Description of the criteria of sustainable construction.
  • Further explanation of the criteria
  •  Material and design recommendations
  • “Building-Construction” Calculator for assessing physical properties as well as for determination of the ecological footprint (OI3 index)
  • Automatic creation of legally compliant environmental tendering documents
  • Product database to tender conforming products
  • Building material database with physical and ecological characteristics
  • Manufacturers and distributors directory

The today is in usage in Vorarlberg communities in Vienna. Application is tested in Tyrol and Allgäu (Germany) exemplarily.
The use of the Internet database (etc architects, planners, craftsmen, building departments) is for free. You only have to register once.

1aCurrently, the database is only available in German. But projects are underway, which should make the database available in English in a view month.

With baubook you can automatically generate ecological tender texts.

In the Baubook you can find building materials that meet the tender.

Currently a total of over 2700 building products are declared and listed in the database. Of these, more than 1,500 products meet all required environmental requirements.


You´ll find  a technical descriptions and ecological building physical characteristics for all declared products. Furthermore, manufacturers and traders can listen to the products.

Eco2Soft – calculation of the ecological footprint of a building

Baubook offers you with eco2soft a tool for calculation the ecological footprint of constructions as well as of a complete building.

eco1From Components ​​to building – the ecological footprint can be calculated. Calculations can be performed for new construction and renovations. In the calculation, construction and maintenance costs are measured.

In summary it can be said that the baubook offers comprehensive information and useful tools for practical implementation of sustainable buildings. The use and application is free and can help builders, designers and craftsmen.

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