New service package Dalarna


In Dalarna, Sweden, municipalities have during a number of years participated in a building network, learning togehter and inspiring each other to more environmentally friendly and energy efficient buildings. Now, with the help of the MountEE-project, we want to take the next step and test a service package that provides a structured approach and standardized screening of the construction process.

Inspired by the service package from Vorarlberg we try to combine existing tools and standards used in the region rather than to build a new service organisation. A first version of the service package could look like the one below but we are sure that final version, at the end of the project, will look quite different.  All help, comments and ideas are welcome!!


Step 1                Preliminary planning
– First contact with the municipality by the Building Dialogue:
Develop and implement local Energy- and climate strategies, implement the regional NZEB, dialog on exploring and renovation of residential areas, implement regional and local energy- and climate strategies.
– Formulation of an eco-program:
Choice of materialstandard (Basta, Sunda Hus, Miljöbygge etc.), develop local wood construction strategies, implementation of energy standards and specifications according to Sveby modul 1.

Step 2                Optimization, tendering
– Development of a material-, construction and energy concept using LCC-calculations
– Energy calculations according to Sveby modul 2-4
– Environmental check of all call for tender documents using Sveby module 3

Step 3                Realization
– Craftsmen Information by workshops on in the pilot projects
Approval of product declaration list

Step 4                Control of success
– Controlling the products at the building site with help of Sweby module 3
– Diverse measurements: blower door test, indoor air quality
Control of tendering criteria in accordance to recommendation of Miljöstyrningsrådet (MSR).

Step 5                Management and maintenance 
– Implementation of Sweby modell.
– Workshops for exchange of experiences

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