Building management: Expectations of the new support service


The “Sustainable:Building in the Municipality” service package support communities in the planning and construction of energy-efficient and ecological buildings in their communities. So far, the communities were supported with 4 modules, which content ranged from pre-planning through to implementation and optimization.  This was completed with the quality control in form of measurements.

Entrance Hall Community Hall Lorüns
Entrance Community Hall Lorüns

The topic of aftercare is very important to the communities. A survey in the EU project CEC5 in communities that have been built with the service package, has revealed that 9 out of 15 surveyed decision makers find support in the use phase is very important. Two medium sized communities think this service would be urgent.In energy-efficient buildings, a commissioning of the building services is very important under real use conditions. The research project ENOB in Germany demonstrated that in evaluated energy-efficient buildings the calculated performance can be achieved only after a two-year adjustment phase.

Without a commissioning the measured buildings consumed a third to a half more energy than calculated. If a balancing does not take place high quality building services are operated sub-optimally over their entire lifetime.

As part of Module 5 “Energy Evaluation”, the partners of the “Sustainable:Building in the Municipality” service package are offering individually tailored support for the evaluation of energy consumption and, together with the municipalities or the respective building managers, are developing optimisation strategies and proposals to adapt the parameterisation of the existing construction techniques.

The work steps are:

  • Support in collection of consumption and calculation data
  • Calculation of the settings, parameterisations and conditions of the actual location
  • Comparison of calculation data with individualised usage profiles/parameter adjustment
  • Weak point analysis and further measurements as necessary
  • Implementation/proposals of improvement measures
  • Control of the effects of the improvement measures implemented

To ensure the optimum ecological construction of buildings, appropriate steps will be taken in order to considerably reduce the harmful substances present in interiors.

In the new module 5 the aim is also to perform the final building cleaning, the regular maintenance cleaning and the basic cleaning of buildings in such a way that the harmful substances in interiors are minimised. The actual cleaning tasks (i.e. maintaining value, improving surface appearance and observance of hygiene requirements) are of course also to be performed.

Improper cleaning not only previously introduced pollutants avoided, but irrecoverable destroyed noble, unsealed surfaces.

As part of “Module 5“, an individually tailored support for the respective buildings and needs of the Client to take into account the cleaning aspects during the pre-planning, planning, implementation and utilisation phases is offered.

The single work steps are:

  • Support in the planning phase to ensure environmentally responsible cleaning
  • Comments on the materials list from a cleaning perspective
  • Support in bidding process for building cleaning
  • Development of a cleaning and care concept for regular maintenance cleaning

We expect that the support in energy adjustment and cleaning will help to ensure that the high quality public buildings will meet their calculated energy consumption and can be used free of chemical cleaning products.

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