A solution to promote white certificates

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In order to develop energy savings and to involve energy suppliers, a financial tool was created by the government in 2005 (loi POPE du 13 juillet 2005): white certificates. This regulatory tool imposes to the energy suppliers (electricity, gaz, petrol, etc.) the development of energy savings. 

Energy suppliers have different possibilities to fulfill their obligations. They can implement energy savings programs for their costumers and they receive back an equal quantity of white certificates. They may also trade these white certificates from public authorities and social housing providers who can get those after an energetic renovation. Energy suppliers have to pay a penalty if there obligations are not fulfilled.

White certificates are recorded on a national register, kind of an electronic market, where buyers and sellers can negotiate the sale. White certificates can be registred on this market when the quantity reaches 20 GWhc.

In the Pyrenees-Orientales, it’s quite difficult to promote white certificates because this minimum threshold is too high for a rural territory.

In order to develop the sale of white certificates and negotiate a good price for each KWH cumac sold, the Departmental federation on energy and electricity – SYDEEL66 – (who gather most of municipalities of the Pyrenes-orientales) proposes to collect all white certificates since 2010.

In 2012, the SYDEEL has created a fund on energy efficiency. This fund is financed by the sale of white certificates and it is used to give subsidies to municipalities who marenovate buildings. These renovations generate new certificates. This system is very interesting to create a virtuous circle. Municipalities who are interested by this fund sign an agreement with the SYDEEL to participate (to sell their white certificates and get a subsidy). Funded projects are selected by a call for proposals each year. CEEThis fund was financed also by the SYDEEL thanks to the sale of their own white certificates in 2010 and 2011.

More information: https://www.emmy.fr/front/accueil.jsf

Author: Laurent Portafaix (SYDEL 66)


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