The new municipal kindergarten in Sagrado (GO) in Region Friuli Venezia Giulia (Italy)


The project MountEE will realize a film with some  examples of sustainable buildings with high energy efficiency.
For Italy and Friuli Venezia Giulia Region the film will focuse on the new municipal kindergarten in Sagrado (Gorizia).

The school was built through a integrated contract: the municiality has approved the final design, but put out to tender the executive project and the execution of  the construction of the new school . The total amount of the contract is € 1,268,680.54 plus VAT and plus € 30,000.00 for  safety costs.
Interesting was the choice of the criteria of the project in the contract notice:
1) Quality of the project proposal 40 points
1.1.improvement proposals for the use of materials and components in terms of their robustness ( 5 points ), curability (5 points) and maintainability (5 points) – 15 points
1.2 choices for the optimization of the visual impact of the building and the aesthetic effect of the same in relation to the specific architectural context – 10 points
1.3 optimization of internal distribution choices according to the specific user and destination of the building – 10 points
1.4.prevision of green areas and urban area outside the building – 5 points

2) Technical Merit 40 points
2.1. level of thermal insulation proposed for the external facades (5 points) and for doors and windows (5 points) – 10 points
2.2. improvements proposed to optimize the energy efficiency of the building – 5 points
2.3. type of thermal plants  better than that of project – 10 points
2.4.introdution of environmentally friendly plant  better than that of project – 5 points
2.5. design of the type and efficiency of electrical systems considering the simplicity ( 2 points), the economy management ( 3 points), flexibility (1.5 ponts) and safety (3, 5 ponts) – 10 points

3) Price 20 points on the expected price for the final design – 3.5 points
3.2. discount on the expected price for the execution of work – 16.5 points
For a maximum total of 100 points

The project the winner of the tender was made by the project team arch. Gianluca Perottoni, SWS Engineering spa, STEA Project srl
The construction company was Damian Holz & Spa Ko Ligno-Alp.

The wooden school was built in less than a year, with the construction technique prefabricated timber frame which aims to combine both aspects related to the energy consumption of the building and toecology, ensuring a high standard of well-being to the users. This choice allows to ensure a safe and healthy living environment over time.
The charm of wood, however, can not be appreciated in all its beauty, due to strict fire regulations which oblige to cover the wooden structure with  plasterboard.
Since the outside walls are protected by a coat of wood fiber (using only clamps for attachment, no glue) and plastered, the only wooden parts visible are the pillars in the hall and in window frames.

The air conditioning (condensing boiler combined with underfloor heating) is partially integrated with solar panels that will provide domestic hot water. During the intermediate seasons or days characterized by sudden changes in temperature, that facility will be replaced or supplemented by multi-split, to be able to quickly reach an optimum temperature.
The building, whose net area is about 1000 square meters and cubic volume is around 3600 cubic meters, will be served by a ventilation system with heat recovery.

The school, according to the needs expressed by the local authority, was designed on one floor, with the ability to accommodate the whole four sections for a maximum capacity of 110 children. It provides a dining room, a kitchen to prepare meals also designed the nearby primary school, a large entrance hall, an office and utility rooms.

The school has been certified KlimaHouse “A”, and class A also for national energy certificate (made by ing. Andrea Sava).

Pictures of the construction works C3% A0/nuova-scuola-per-infanzia-comune-di-sagrado-go/23-178.html
and pictures of the school 

Angela Sanchini (ARES)

Author: Angela Sanchini (ARES)

I am an architect and i'm actually the Technical Director of ARES Regional Agency for Sustainable Building of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region (Italy). I am dealing with energy efficiency and sustainability in buildings, and in particular of energy performance certificates and energy-environmental assessment of buildings.

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