Thermal Camera: a tool for expert but also for public awarness


Developing sustainable buildings is also about raising awareness of energy issues. That is why the AGEDEN (Isere Info Energy Association), as well as many energy information associations, organize some « thermal walks ». This action intends to show people actual « heat loss » from buildings when heating is used.

The scene takes place in a town center where citizens and municipality representatives meet. After a short introduction to the key principles of thermal imaging, participants walk through the city taking thermal images on the way. Thermal imaging is used to provide a picture of heat loss from buildings, which helps identify where energy saving improvements can be made. Then a technician gives some feedback on the pictures that have been taken during the walk. The ultimate aim is to broaden the discussion and to raise awareness of energy issues and sustainable buildings.

On the camera, participants of “thermal walks” can see how a building loses energy.

François Pocquet (AGEDEN)

Author: François Pocquet (AGEDEN)

I specially work on sustainable energy, and I’m responsible for promoting energy efficient programs for private owned flats.

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