MountEE Pilot building: example of kindergarten construction in Saint-Pierre d’Allevard (Rhone-Alpes, France)


The MountEE project partners are curently producing a short film showing some sustainable building examples and motivated stakeholders from 6 mountain regions.

In Rhône-Alpes, we choose to present the kindergarten of Saint-Pierre d’Allevard, an innovative multi-tasks building focused on environmental performance. Based on a strong commitment to environmental protection, the city of Saint-Pierre d’Allevard decided in 2010 to build the kindergarten focusing on energy and environmental performance. The site is located at an altitude of about 520 m and planning includes reinforced insulation, high air tightness, efficient lighting, and highly efficient ventilation. A woodchip boiler and solar thermal systems provide heat and hot water. The project follows the principles of high environmental quality labeling. The target is to go beyond the BBC level (low consumption building) by 50%.

In the following weeks, we are going to make an interview about this kindergarten which is built with exterior walls in wood and has a low energy consumption.

We want to ask the mayor the following questions:
– What was specific in this building process?
– What were the municaplity’s objectives?
– What kinds of materials were used?
– Why did you decide to build a building with low energy consumption?
– How important was the collaboration between the political and technical department in the decision to combine energy efficiency and environmental sustainability?
– How did you raise motivation from the outset of this project (was it hard work to motivate the municipality, other participants, local residents and users of the building (parents…)?

The film will be finished in June. Some sequences of the film will be presented on this blog soon!

More information about the building kindergarten of Saint-Pierre d’Allevard here

More examples of buildings here

François Pocquet (AGEDEN)

Author: François Pocquet (AGEDEN)

I specially work on sustainable energy, and I’m responsible for promoting energy efficient programs for private owned flats.

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